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"For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure". 
~Rudolf Steiner
I’m Savanna ... Herbalist, blend master, herb junkie, proprietor, and wellness chaser living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I began my journey three years ago when I decided to ask the “why”. Pharmaceutical after pharmaceutical drug I chased health. Which only led to more drugs, more pain, frustration, health decline, and overall lack of well-being. When hope was almost lost but the questions remained, I asked myself “WHY am I feeling this way and how can I heal my body the way it was intended”? And that’s when Mother Nature came into play. Herbs helped me get the support I needed while coming off of pharmaceuticals and have continued to be the only “medicine” my body craves. I started with an ounce of ginger root and boiling water for joint pain and that began a snowball effect leading to my own kitchen apothecary. Which led to practicing my own backyard herbalism, herbalism classes and school. The practice of yoga & meditation help me to connect even more with The Universe and understand all that’s in Her medicine cabinet. All of my herbal tea blends and herbal remedies I offer to you are blends I have created in my very own kitchen three years ago and onward. I believe there is no way to truly understand your mind & body without putting in the effort to connect with yourself spiritually. The quote that says “most people have no idea how good their bodies are designed to feel” rings forever true. I have to pinch myself sometimes because I had no clue THIS was health! Through herbs I found myself, my love of travel (with my husband, my fellow herbie, and my best cheerleader), mindfulness as a way of life, and belief that all you ever need to heal yourself is the Earth below you. The very Earth grounding you and holding you close. I want more than anything for you to know, health IS possible. And you are so worth it!

"I would rather have nothing but tea". 

~Jane Austen

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