Women's Support Organic Herbal Tea 
Used for all of us goddesses! Because sometimes we need a little encouragement!

Organic Ingredients: Spearmint, Chaste Berry, Red raspberry leaf, Nettles

Nettle- Rich in minerals and high in iron, nettle can be a powerful antidote for anemia. It’s deeply nourishing pre & post cycle, after childbirth, and in the case of a miscarriage.

Red raspberry leaf- Can be used as a uterine tonic. Can help support and tonify the uterus pre-menstruation, as well as relieves menstrual cramping and pain, and can reduce heavy period flows. Red raspberry is safe to use in the last stage of pregnancy to prepare the uterus and pelvic muscles for labor and birth (always consult your doctor or midwife first). It can also help relieve and treat endometriosis.

Chaste Berry (Vitex): A wonderful herb that can aid in various women’s health-related issues, vitex can enhance the function of the pituitary gland which regulates hormone secretion. It’s used as a fertility aid, and is safe to use in pregnancy for miscarriage prevention if there is a history of miscarriages (always consult with an herbalist prior to taking this herb). Vitex can stimulate milk production in new moms, can help to bring back menstruation for women suffering from amenorrhea, and has also been known to reduce ovarian cysts. It can also be a powerful ally for pre/post menopausal women and can often help to alleviate associated symptoms.


Very light & crisp mint flavor with earthy undertones
1 oz. bags


**Herb-ie Health & Wellness LLC products are not FDA approved nor are they intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition. No claims or guarantees are made regarding the effectiveness of this product. Discuss with your doctor prior to use. Herb information provided for educational purposes only. Not a substitution for advice given by your primary caregiver. Please research any new herb and consult your health care providers for possible drug/herb contraindications and precautions before ingesting. I urge consumers to please do your own research on all ingredients before buying and only do what makes you feel comfortable.

Women's Support Organic Herbal Tea


    "I would rather have nothing but tea". 

    ~Jane Austen

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